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Introduction to Family and Relationship Issues

Family & Relationship Issues

Welcome to our Family and Relationship Issues topic center. Whoever we are, we are all very much shaped by those who raised us, our parents and/or caregivers. We are the product of human relationships, and most of us spend our days within the context of relationships with other people. We need other people to be close to us in our lives, or we tend to get sick. Who we are is very much a function of where we have come from, and who we surround ourselves with.

Despite their vital importance in our lives, relationships can be very difficult to manage. We expect our intimate partners to provide for many of our needs, but often find that differing expectations, frustration, and a need to be right create conditions for conflict and erosion of intimacy. Angels though they may be, our children test us for weaknesses and we don't always pass. Our adult parents grow older and require care, placing a burden on our other responsibilities. A diverse set of communicati...More

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What are healthy communication skills that should be used in relationships with others?

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What are effective conflict resolution skills that should be used in relationships with others?

  • It’s normal to have conflict in relationships, but resolving disagreements in a healthy way creates understanding and brings couples closer together.
  • Learn the 3 most common and ineffective ways conflict is handled in intimate relationships and how to better handle it.
  • Discover 4 strategies will help couples and families balance the needs of others with their own, and make the holiday season more enjoyable for all.
  • In your quest as a parent to help your child understand the difference between good and bad, right and wrong and what it means to be respectful to others, there will inevitably be times when your child resists or you miscommunicate.
  • Repairing damage while disagreeing with your partner can require learning new habits and skills.
  • Whether in a marriage, between parents and children, or among friends, conflict is an inevitable part of any ongoing relationship and the question isn't if there will be conflict but how you will navigate the conflict when it occurs. Here are three skills you can practice to enhance your conflict-resolution and two to avoid.
  • People who remarry find themselves blending two sets of families from former marriages and it's common to find a wife or husband complaining that their new spouse seems to love their biological children more than their new spouse.

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